Accident Assistance

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Accident Assistance - Hassle-Free Claims Handling with a Motor Insurance Contract!

Claims handling is one of the most important processes in insurance, and we want to ensure that your claims handling process is as smooth and worry-free as possible. Our desire is to help you obtain compensation as quickly and fairly as possible after an incident. In addition, there are different laws and case law governing the interpretation of different situations. Our goal is to support the customer and help him in various situations that cannot even be foreseen and expected. The price of the service is 0.99 € per month and the length of the period is equal to the customer's specific car traffic insurance period. Example: If the citizen's Andres traffic insurance half-year payment is 67 €, then together with the damage assistance the cost of the package is 67+ (6 * 0.99) = 72.94 €. The damage handling and resolution process begins immediately after the loss event occurs and consists of several different stages:

Assistance in preparing documents and submitting a claim for damages to the insurer

Analyzing the insurer's decision and forming an opinion to ensure fair and conditional indemnity

In case of a dispute, assistance in filing a claim against the insurer

In the event of a dispute, assistance in submitting the application and documents to the conciliation procedure

Representation in the conciliation process, if necessary

Problems may arise in the claims process at each of the above stages, and if at first sight all the documents appear to be in order, there is always the possibility that the insurer's representative will interpret the situation in a different way.

Losses should be reported as soon as possible, but not later than within three working days after the occurrence of the insured event: or by information line 12 555.

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