Deductible Insurance

Do you want motor hull insurance with as little deductible as possible? We have a solution for you – get motor hull insurance with 0 € deductible!

You can get deductible insurance for an already existent motor hull insurance or sign them together.

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Application for Deductible Insurance

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What is Deductible Insurance?

Motor excess insurance is an insurance product that is made in conjunction with the regular casco insurance. Motor excess insurance indemnifies the casco deductible amount which is agreed in the casco policy. Indemnified losses could be as a result of accident, fire, theft or vandalism.

The acutal size of the indemnity depends on the excess insurance limit that has been purchased and also on the actual size of the deductible in the casco policy. Motor excess insurance should be concluded in conjunction with casco insurance or purchased in addition to an existing casco policy.

Motor excess insurance can only be purchased for passenger vehicles (respective categories are M1 and M1G). There is no limitation in the ownership structure of the insured vehicle – it can belong to private person, to a company or to a financial institution. Excess insurance can not be purchased by drivers with initial primary drivers licence status.

Payment of claims

Motor Excess insurance claims are paid, based on your indemnity application, either to your personal bank account or then directly to the bank account of the repair workshop.